Custom Applications

Custom Business Applications & Software

Most commercial software for business is built in for everyone. Often times, commercial or off the shelf software applications do not adequately support internal business processes. The logic behind commercial software is that you are running your business the same way as every other business in your industry. Extending the functionality of such software application is often a business necessity.

A custom web application has the following benefits:

A system that is online-ready interface and a database: Because the site uses an online platform, development costs are lower for applications that are integrated in the site. System can be migrated into online platform quickly as necessary.

Cost efficiency: This translates into savings in man hours and accuracy for a business as its employees are more productive and efficient.

Faster & better reporting: The system displays report both in table and graph based.

User Efficiency: A system that is programmed to display data based on a user’s need. For instance, a purchasing officer database might show pricing or purchase history to the manager.

Managed access that allows anyone with authoring privileges the ability to manage client’s records: If authorized, site user can manage the system with a web browser. Also, most system configuration settings are accessible to anyone with administration access.

Professional and user friendly experience: During development and after the system is built.

A centralized source for communication and data management: The information will be maintained by one company that strives on continuous improvement.

No extra charge of additional user: The system will be endorsed to you after project completion and can use with as many users as they can without extra charge per user.

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